Ron Carter's Comprehensive Bass Method
Ron Carter's Comprehensive Bass Method
Ron Carter's Comprehensive Bass Method
Ron Carter's Comprehensive Bass Method
Ron Carter's Comprehensive Bass Method
Ron Carter's Comprehensive Bass Method

Ron Carter's Comprehensive Bass Method

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Ron Carter famously talks about his lifelong pursuit of finding the right notes.  Exactly how he finds those notes is the topic of this book, the centerpiece of his teaching book collection.  (He refers to it as "THE book" when talking to his students)

While other bass instruction books teach you arco techniques and how to audition for a classical orchestra, this book is completely different. 

It shows you how the bass functions, and the hand positions and locations on the instrument so you can find those beautiful notes too.   And it has 4 QR codes that link to video demos so you can watch the Maestro play the exercises himself.

With this book you can do what Carter does every night.  Play rhythm changes all the time, make wonderful blues choruses, or  in the Maestro's case , play Little Waltz for 25 years.  And have it be new and fresh every time.

Easy-to-follow, thoroughly explained book includes:

1/2 through 6th positions
*Horizontal Technique
*Bass solos
*Tips for players
*Improvisation tips
*Ideal for both upright and electric bass.
*Perfect for bass players and teachers alike.

"We jazz bassists all have the same notes.  The difference is in our finding different and new places to play them on the instrument.  This is what makes our own sound unique to us"  - Ron Carter

"We are fortunate, as students, (and we are ALL Ron Carter students) that Sansei has codified his approaches to bass playing into concise and practical methods. Many decades of teaching at the highest level, at schools like Juilliard and Manhattan School of Music, and clinics and masterclasses at virtually every top conservatory in the world, insures his position at the top of the Jazz Bass Totem Pole, and the Bass Education Totem Pole!"

-- Steve Bailey, Chair,Bass Department, Professional Performance Division, Berklee College of Music

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Portuguese Language Version

CLICK HERE to get this book in Portuguese

About the Author

RON CARTER is among the most original, prolific, and influential bassists in jazz. He has recorded over 2200 albums, and has a Guinness world record to prove it!

In Jazz: Over his 60 year career, he has recorded with so many of the jazz greats greats: Lena Horne, Bill Evans, B.B. King, Dexter Gordon, Wes Montgomery, Bobby Timmons, Eric Dolphy, Cannonball Adderley and Jaki Byard to name a few. From 1963 to 1968, he was a member of the acclaimed Miles Davis Quintet.

In other music genres: After leaving the quintet he embarked on a prolific 50-year free lance career that spanned vastly different music genres and continues to this day. He recorded with Aretha Franklin, appeared on the seminal hip-hop album Low End Theory with a Tribe Called Quest, wrote and recorded pieces for string quartets and Bach chorales for 2-8 basses and accompanied Danny Simmons on a spoken word album and played on Carlos Santana's In Search of Mona Lisa, to name a few.

As a leader: Carter spends at least half the year on worldwide tours with his various groups. The Ron Carter Trio, The Ron Carter quartet, the Ron Carter Nonet and Ron Carter’s Great Big Band. He has recorded multiple albums with his groups.
As an author: Carter shares his expertise in the series of books he authored, where he explains his creative process and teaches bassists of all levels to improve their skills and develop their own unique sound. He also penned his autobiography “Finding the Right Notes” which is available in print and also as an audiobook read by the Maestro himself.

As a teacher: Carter has lectured, conducted, and performed at clinics and master classes, instructing jazz ensembles and teaching the business of music at numerous universities. He was Artistic Director of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Studies while it was located in Boston and, after 18 years on the faculty of the Music Department of The City College of New York, he is now Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

In film scoring: In addition to scoring and arranging music for many films, including some projects for Public Broadcasting System, Carter composed music for A Gathering of Old Men, starring Lou Gosset Jr., The Passion of Beatrice directed by Bertrand Tavernier, and Blind Faith starring Courtney B. Vance.

Film appearances: Most jazz documentaries feature the Maestro because of his indelible contribution to the genre. Ken Burns “Jazz”, “Birth of the Cool” about Miles Davis, "It Must be Schwing", the story of the Blue Note and many more. He also appeared as himself in HBO’s hit series “Treme” and was the bassist on soundtracks of Twin Peaks, Bird, and way too many others to mention.

Education: Carter earned a bachelor of music degree from the Eastman School in Rochester and a master's degree in double bass from the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. He has also received five honorary doctorates, from the New England Conservatory of Music, Manhattan School of Music, University of Rochester, Juilliard and Berklee, and was the 2002 recipient of the prestigious Hutchinson Award from the Eastman School at the University of Rochester.

Awards: He was named "Outstanding Bassist of the Decade" by the Detroit News, Jazz Bassist of the Year by Downbeat magazine, and Most Valuable Player by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. In 1993, Carter earned a Grammy award for Best Jazz Instrumental Group, the Miles Davis Tribute Band and another Grammy in 1998 for "Call Sheet Blues", an instrumental composition from the film, Round Midnight. Recently he was honored by the French Minister of Culture with France's premier cultural award, the medallion and title of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, given to those who have distinguished themselves in the domain of artistic or literary creation and for their contribution to the spread of arts and letters in France and the world.

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