Instructions for getting your autograph:

Autographs are available through December 31, 2021.

You must specify two things in the "Notes" section of the on-line order form:

1.  The name of the person to whom the autograph should be addressed.  No general autographs - we must have a name.

2. If you are getting more than one product, specify which products in your order you want signed.

3.  Please allow up to 7 business days before your order ships.

IMPORTANT:  if there is no name specified, your purchase will not be autographed.   

Autographed photo:  If you would like an autographed photo, please request that in the "notes" section of the online order form along with your order.  There is no charge for this.

We will send an autographed photo without an order, but we can only send them to US addresses.  Email to request a photo, with your name and address.

You can always bring something to a live performance and Mr. Carter will sign it after the show!

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